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The program in Jewish Studies makes central the global histories, cultures, and philosophies of Jews and Judaism in the comparative environment of diaspora and related terms (nationalism, cosmopolitanism, homeland, refugee, exile, minority). For four millennia Jews and Judaism have intersected with multiple peoples, polities, religions, cultures, philosophies, languages, and literatures across numerous continents. Drawing on both the Humanities and Social Sciences, Jewish Studies explores the variations and contestations of Jewish cultural production, thought, and experience while offering opportunities for collaboration and comparison with other peoples, social formations, and conceptual neighbors. As a combination of disciplines, Jewish Studies is thus quintessentially inclusive and comparative, transnational and international. Its boundaries are porous; it invites multi-dimensional and multi-directional inquiry.


It is our privilege to inform you that our colleague Christine Hayes has been awarded an honorary degree by the University of Lund. We all extend our heartiest...
Humility workshop painting
Organized by Shira Billet (Yale), Paul Franks (Yale), Dean Moyar (JHU), and Karin Nisenbaum (Syracuse), the workshop was held May 10, 2022 at Yale. See program below....
Nirenberg photo
David Nirenberg, Director and Leon Levy Professor,  Institute for Advanced Study, presents ”A History of Race and Religion.” All are Zoom events: April 8, Noon; April 12, 5...