Welcome to Judaic Studies

The Program in Judaic Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the critical study of the religion, history, literature, languages, and material culture of the Jews from ancient to modern times. Jewish society, texts, ideologies, and institutions are studied in comparative historical perspective in relation to the surrounding societies and cultures.

An interdepartmental undergraduate major in Judaic Studies is available within the Judaic Studies Program, either as a single or double major.

Yale College undergraduates interested in the Judaic Studies major should consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies as soon as possible.

At the graduate level, particular emphasis is placed on sharpening the linguistic, textual, and methodological tools necessary for advanced research and teaching. Students customarily fulfill a part of their graduate training in Israel. The graduate program is divided into the following sub-fields of study: History and Literature of Ancient Judaism/Jewish History (Second Temple and Rabbinic); Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History; Modern Jewish History (Eastern and Western European and American). Other fields may be proposed depending on student qualifications and faculty strengths. Graduate studies in ancient Judaism/Jewish history are generally pursued within the Religious Studies Department, while graduate studies in medieval, early modern, and modern Jewish history can be pursued either within the Religious Studies Department or the History Department. Other relevant Ph.D. programs are offered at Yale in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (Religious Studies), American Religious History (Religious Studies); and Hebrew Literature (Department of Comparative Literature) and Language (Hebrew Program). A Masters of Arts in Religion (MAR) in Judaism of the Second Temple and Rabbinic periods is offered through the Yale Divinity School. Northwest Semitic Languages, including Hebrew and Aramaic, are taught in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.